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Welcome to our USA site!

Welcome to our brand new site for the US market.

rust hosting

Rust Template V3

Our Rust config has been updated with loads of new features.

rokh hosting

ROKH Coming Soon!

Rokh will be released on May 16th and our control panel is being developed already with the use of a generously provided beta key from the Rokh developers.

Key Features of GTXGaming's Service

24 Hour Support

Yes we are online 24 hours a day to support you and your server. We know how important your player base is to you and when you need assistance we are there.

Backup System

All of our games have backup systems, so every time you stop your server a copy of your world and modifications will be compressed and sharply uploaded to a different machine.


We only use the very best processors and hardware sourced directly from Dell. All new orders are now going on SSD i7 configurations to maximize FPS and lower pings.

Experienced Game Host

Ten years GTXGaming have been hosting servers for. That means we have seen it all and know exactly what is needed to host a new game successfully.


Whether its to ask a sales question or get support for a dead server, we are always here to chat to and resolve your issue.

Game Switching

With GTXGaming, you can switch to any other game. So if you get bored of ROKH you can easily switch to any other game with a few clicks.


New York

Our New York data center is located in Buffalo and has 200GB DDOS protecion.


Our Los Angeles data center have 200GB DDOS protection.


Our Texas data center is located in Dallas and has 400GB DDOS protection.


Our London data center is located in the West and has 300GB DDOS protection.


Our Paris data center has a layer 4 DDOS protection so there is no taking it down


Our German data center has 200GB DDOS protection


Our Canada data center is located in Montreal and has 100GB DDOS protection


We have a brand new Spanish location. 


We have a brand new Singapore, Malaysia location. 


Sydney, Australia has an incredible new 200GB DDOS protection.

Web Interface

We have a state of the art web interface to configure and control your game server. 

gtxgaming control panel image


Easy configuration of all settings with beautiful drop down menus and sliders.  Choose your options and restart your server. 


Experts get full, unrestricted text editor access, as well as FTP so you are in full control of your server.


Sub users can be granted a choice of privileges so you can manage your game server together.

Unparalleled Power


At GTXGaming we use only the very latest in technology. This means the latest version processors, SSD hard drives and memory architecture.  We cycle our servers every two years, ensuring we have the latest and fastest hardware to run your game server.


We use the very latest i7 4.2Ghz processors on new orders. We phase out old machines with older hardware and only setup new game servers on the new processors we acquire.


We put more than enough memory in our servers so that we do not need to limit your game servers memory usage like some other hosts have started doing recently. Your server will have pre-allocated memory, so it is never fighting with other processes for a limited pool of available memory.


We fit our new machines with SSD drives since 2014, and now 99.7% of our network are SSD equipped.  We use enterprise grade Kingston SSD drives for long life and excellent reliability. 


About Us

We have ten years experienced and started hosting cod4 servers during the height of its dominance.

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